If I Had My Time Again

Read or Listen as Australia’s Top Real Estate Principals Review Their Road To Success

One of the greatest aspects of the real estate industry we all love is the abundance of supportive people willing to share their experience and reach out their hand.

But there’s a flipside to that abundance. Sometimes, it’s too much, and especially for new or future Principals it’s hard to know which parts of a model business to replicate, or which past experiences you can still profitably apply.

From this series ‘If I Had My Time Again‘, you can take some of the experiences shared and use them to guide your strategic planning, and the execution of your agency to achieve your dreams.

#RealReach Co-Founder Kevin Turner sat down to speak with 26 of Australia and New Zealand’s most successful Real Estate Principals, to talk about their early years, their path to success, the reality of their challenges … and most valuable, what they would do differently, if they had their time again.

Available free in Ebook and Audio Interview form for a limited time, click here to access these insightful conversations.

  1. Dane Atherton
  2. Ewan Morton
  3. Andrew Bell
  4. John Cunningham
  5. Doug Driscoll
  6. Haesley Cush
  7. Megan Jaffe
  8. Sherrie Storor
  9. Ash Marton
  10. Craig Marshall
  11. Amber Werchon
  12. Matt Lancashire
  13. Paul Curtain
  14. Gary Peer
  15. John McGrath
  16. George Hadgelias
  17. Daniel Gonzalez
  18. Martin Millard
  19. Peter Hutton
  20. Phil Harris
  21. Madeleine Hicks
  22. Martin Hood
  23. Craig Hadfield
  24. Lauren Robinson
  25. Milton Rendell
  26. Shannon Davis