Top 5 Tips for Making Training Easy

A lot of Real Estate Principals dread the weekly (or less frequent) team training sessions. Even more daunting is researching training for yourself – hoping it won’t be a waste of your incredibly valuable time.

Here’s our Top 5 Tips for Making Training Easy.

1. Commit to a Small Number of Big Rock Conferences Each Year

For example, we’re heavily involved this year in the PM Leadership Summit. It’s one of the few events where different strategic aspects of your Agency are discussed in detail – it’s not the same old sales training, it’s a Masterclass incorporating your commercial vision, strategic growth levers, operational finances, time creation, and more.

(And as a side note – the Early Bird is available until Friday. So if you’re not sure of the next conference you’re attending, make it this one in Brisbane next month.)​​
There are too many events and too many so-called experts for you to try them all. When you find a Conference that excites you and changes your business for the better, commit to being there next year and every year.​

2. Have a Plan for Your Team

One of the most popular courses on the #RealReach platform is Designing a Training Program. If you hate Monday night training preparations, or feel you’re bleeding money sending your team to wasted training, then this single coaching module will save you thousands.

  1. Have you done a training needs analysis to see where the gaps are in your team?
  2. Have you prioritised the training topics for 2019, so everyone knows in advance what’s being covered this week?
  3. Have you upskilled your senior team members so that they – not you – can run some training (and advance their skills at the same time)?

This may feel like hard work, which is why our course was designed with templates and colours to be simple​​​​​​​​ and straightforward to execute.

How to conduct a Training Needs Analysis for a Real Estate Agent or Property Manager
A Skills Matrix Example from the #RealReach Course

3. Incorporate Team Discussions​​

Sent a team member away on a training day? Make sure they’ve scheduled a catch up with the rest of their department to share their key takeaways within a week of doing the course.

This multiplies the value – reinforcing lessons for them, and spreading the training through the business.

Two #RealReach Courses have even been designed to incorporate these discussions. Knowing the additional challenge for many Principals when it comes to training their property managers or providing communication training to their administrators, we’ve provided Members with workbooks and templates to prompt the extra conversation that can make the difference between inaction or change.

Don’t just lecture … engage.

4. Use Technology

Every aspect of your agency faces change – usually improvement – from technology, and training is the same.

How many wasted hours do regional Principals spend driving to and from training courses, when all of it can be delivered online (and in some cases, available 24/7 at a time that suits you).​​​​​​​​ ​

This applies to your internal training as well: are you recording training sessions for your team? How many things are you explaining over-and-over, that could have been recorded on a smartphone or by screencapture ​​for your team to review without you?

#RealReach Host Jacob delivering coaching to a club member at McDonalds!

5. Make Sure YOUR Mindset is Right

And this applies to your team as well. Some Principals and Agents see Training as a ‘Cost’ in their business, lumping it in with your electricity bill and replacing stolen sign boards.

Some Principals recognise it as an investment – a dollar spent now to create five dollars in the future, or an hour invested on this skill to create an extra day each week.

Guess which mindset – cost or investment – achieves the best results? Which agency do the top performers want to work for?

If you’re not convinced, this recent article from ireviloution will put the argument to rest

Next Steps

Your next great training choice starts now:

Will we see you at the Climb High Masterclass next month? (That Early Bird link to save $80 is here.)

Have you considered #RealReach as the best investment you can make in training yourself and your team in 2019? Foundation Member pricing is still available, providing dozens of courses from industry experts at a fraction of the time and cost associated with live events.