New Presentation: Reviewing Your Agency Website

Every week, #RealReach Members are benefiting from a combination of new courses, live events, or new tools they can apply in their real estate business. Despite still being in beta, #RealReach now boasts 15 training courses for Principals and more than 100 modules of premium, business-focused information.

This week we released a much anticipated discussion with Josh Cobb, Founder of Stepps and Australia’s premier digital marketing specialist for real estate agents and real estate agencies.

Understanding and Reviewing Your Agency Website

Real Estate Agency Website Australia
Part of the Stepps Case Study

Josh focused on 3 key questions, to help #RealReach Members understand and review their current websites:

  1. With all the Portals, why do Agencies need to spend money on their own Website;
  2. Why most Websites focus on Listings, and why this isn’t the best approach, and
  3. How to generate quality traffic and leads from your own Website.

Most valuably, in this video Josh walks us through two comprehensive case studies of real, live websites that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars in off market sales for the agents and agencies behind them. If one of these agencies came into your market with their web strategy, how would you respond (and why wait)?

If improving your real estate agency website is on your ‘to do’ list – but never at the top – then consider the enormous value of a #RealReach Membership in helping you make better decisions about how to improve your web strategy. This presentation alone could save you thousands (and earn you even more) – while #RealReach Foundation Member discounts still apply.