Key Lessons from ‘If I Had My Time Again’

Through 2018, the first series of If I Had My Time Again ebooks and podcasts spoke with 26 leading Australian and New Zealand Principals.

Created by #RealReach, we wanted to understand the real journeys that these business owners experienced before they were big … and what they would do differently if they knew then, what they know now.

Co-Founder John Knight took the time to review each of the conversation, and extract:

5 Key Takeaway Lessons

  • Everyone in a business is a business – Think like one
  • Your systems are your machine – Transaction are your Widgets
  • Focus on what you are great at – Others can do the things you are not
  • Provide for the rainy days and understand the risk – Income is inconsistent
  • Willingness to share – Across all areas of your business, your peers are prepared to help

7 Biggest Principal Challenges

  1. “Make sure you know where you want to go and #why you’re doing it.” John Cunningham
  2. #leadership is a transition to go from being that person always in lights to someone where you’re putting yourself second for the benefit of your team.” Paul Curtain
  3. “Understanding what individuals are going through, and developing a #businessmodel to enable them to improve. I think that’s what I look for in a leader.” Martin Millard
  4. “I think if you’re doing it for the #money, you’re probably going to be better off being a salesperson .” – Ash Marton
  5. “It’s a #familybusiness – We had our kids up there in the office after school gluing photos onto brochures.”John Cunningham
  6. “Setting up a real estate business from the outside looking in might look like an easy thing to do, but it’s actually not. You need a strong #workethic” – Ewan Morton
  7. “I made so many mistakes, and the fundamental mistake that I made was I thought I needed to know the answers to everything so I didn’t seek the right #support sooner.” – Megan Jaffe

Based on a series of presentations #RealReach ran with the Real Estate Institute of Queensland, you can also click here to download these lessons and challenges in printable slides.