New Course: Get Shit Done in Business

Every week, #RealReach Members benefit from new, expert contributions – all part of their membership. This week, we’re excited to tackle the #1 issue for established Principals:

How to Get Shit Done in Business

Module #8: Stop Managing Your Time

Remember when you started this business, so full of fire and passion to make a dent in the world. What happened?

Or how about that conference you went to last year, which loaded you up with some great ideas you were bursting to share with your team. Why haven’t they been implemented?

You know that start-up businesses fail, sure, but you’re past that now. So why aren’t your greatest initiatives being converted into lasting success? You have more people, more clients, more opportunities to improve and impress. Why not the results that reflect that?

In this Course, we detail the 12 primary reasons why businesses fail to implement … and how, exactly, you can be the exception – how you can build a reputation as the real estate Principal who “Gets Shit Done”.

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