Neuromarketing for Real Estate Agencies

Every week, #RealReach Members are benefiting from a combination of new courses, live events, or new tools they can apply in their real estate business. This week we hosted a Webinar with Brand and Marketing strategist, Belinda Vesey-Brown.

Neuromarketing for Real Estate Agencies

The science of marketing is encouraging your target audience – vendors, buyers, even agents you wish to recruit – to take a specific action. Yet a lot of marketing attempts too much – a great property listing, for example, compels people to come to the open home, not sign a contract off the website.

Increasingly, marketing specialists like #RealReach expert Belinda Vesey-Brown, are learning from neuroscience to better understand the human brain and what compels us to action.

This combination is known as ‘Neuromarketing’. And in this webinar, Belinda walks through 5 key neuromarketing techniques that every Principal can apply to their office marketing, and use to train their team in better property and agent marketing strategies.

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