5 Experts on Real Estate UNCUT: Did you catch them all?

Last week, Australia’s premier industry podcast Real Estate UNCUT featured interviews with 5 separate #RealReach Experts. On topics ranging from Limiting Beliefs to Hero Brands, the covered the breadth of information available (with practical depth) for #RealReach Members.

Did you catch the insights from all five?

On Monday, Rose Kelly talked about Overlooked Marketing Opportunities. In the podcast (and transcript), Rose encourages business owners to look inside their business for the sale and landlord listing opportunities that are often missed as we focus our activity outside.

On Tuesday, the incredible Penny Tarrant talked about Better Recruitment Choices. Undoubtedly one of the most valuable experts, Penny gives a taste of the insights into recruiting and retaining experienced salespeople that her Member training addresses at depth.

On Wednesday, business and life coach Millie Aldridge talked Mindset and Limiting Beliefs. The best capability in your market won’t help if the person in your chair (ie, YOU) are holding your business back.

Thursday’s guest was Aimee Engelmann, who continues to help real estate Principals around Australia and New Zealand address the challenges of focusing on high value tasks. Too many business owners and senior team members spend their time on tasks that can be cost-effectively outsourced, releasing more of their creative potential.

The week ended with Belinda Vesey-Brown, brand strategist at Brandonian, talking about your Hero Brand. For any franchisees, Belinda’s comments on how your Logo is not your Brand (and you therefore need to build your Brand reputation in your market) are most valuable.


And that’s just the insight from some of our Experts given five minutes each – imagine the tens of thousands of dollars in value your agency will receive when you have access to all of our specialists and their in depth coaching, training, and interactive webinars? Explore #RealReach here, or become a member for full and immediate access here.